H U N D R E D W E I G H T C L A S S I C S: HundredWeightClassics : Holiday Giveaway


Since Thanksgiving is coming up, this is a great way to give back to everyone that has been supporting HWC in the past year. It’s been an up and down road early in the year, but HWC is now in a position to make huge moves heading into 2012. I’m happy to say Hundred Weight Classics is a successful clothing brand and the fanbase, supporters, grow each and everyday. With that said, here’s a contest for everyone.

*This is the only way to get a Can’t Be Defeated hoodie if you missed out on it.


Elissa Alva


Jenn Q.

image image




Mibbs of PacDiv

How to Enter:

  1. Follow the HundredWeightClassics Blog.
  2. Reblog this post once.
  3. Bam you’re in!!
  4. (Also running a separate contest on FACEBOOK! like the page to enter)

Winner Receives:

  • “Can’t Be Defeated” Hoodie
  • Un-released HWC Beanie
  • Stickers
  • Keychain
  • $10 Gift Certificate to In-N-Out (vary thru location)

The contest will run through Friday 11/18/2011 before I leave for the bay area. Get those entries in. Thank you guys again for the support and believing in the brand. 


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i had to step on these slippery, seaweed covered rocks to take this cool PICTURE in vallejo


SUPA HOT FIYAH. But he’s not a rapper

my narly you can’t top that, icarly i watch that hahahah

vallejo anthem 

park photoshoot


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